From July 2006 to July 2017, Ag Choice has sold more than 145,000 cubic yards of high quality compost and topsoil products.

Landscaping Products

Diversity In – Diversity Out

At Ag Choice, we believe in creating mature stable compost that contains a broad range of micro-life and organic matter. Our landscaping products are all consciously and responsibly crafted, yielding a robust blend that keeps lawns lush and gardens growing. Unlike other compost made from leaves, grass and brush – covered in chemical and pesticide residue –   Ag Choice compost has a larger variety of inputs such as food waste, plant based manufacturing organics, manure and leaves promoting a rich blend with beneficial microorganisms. This diversity of materials ensures a high quality product.

Ag Choice compost is made following the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (N.O.P.) standards.
Ag Choice topsoil is made with 75% compost and 25% sandy loam to create a premium product rich in nutrients and easy to handle.
Our soil products meet or exceed NJ DEP Residential Standards.