Ag Choice has recycled more than 88,000 tons (176 million lbs) of food waste, from July of 2006 to July of 2017, that would otherwise have been landfilled or incinerated.

Food Waste Services

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The Benefits of Food Waste Recycling

    • Cost Savings: Ag Choice’s food waste and feed programs result in fewer recyclables going into regular trash dumpsters. This saves money by reducing the frequency of pickups and potentially utilizing smaller dumpsters. Additionally, recycling food waste generally costs less than having a garbage hauler dispose of it in a landfill.
    • Recycling is Good for Business: Customers will notice and appreciate an organization’s efforts to “go green” and reduce its environmental strain. This can lead to a better public image and increased customer loyalty.
    • Better for the Environment: Ag Choice is part of an ongoing environmental solution that keeps recyclable materials out of landfills, thus conserving valuable landfill space and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. While landfills seal garbage in and seal air and moisture out, Ag Choice’s composting program uses air and moisture to speed the decomposition of compostable material, helping organics decompose in weeks rather than decades or even centuries.
    • Promotes Sustainability:  Recycling food waste and recovering the nutrient value as a soil amendment or an animal feed ingredient is an environmentally responsible alternative to landfilling recyclable material.