From July 2006 to July 2017, Ag Choice has sold more than 145,000 cubic yards of high quality compost and topsoil products.


What is Compost?

Simply defined, compost is a decomposed organic matter.  At Ag Choice we go a step further to create mature compost.  Mature compost is a complex organic material that has been transformed into a stable humus by microorganisms.

Ag Choice’s humus compost is thoughtfully and responsibly crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring a diverse mixture of nutrients and microorganisms in the finished product. High-quality compost helps to build healthier roots and support disease suppression.

Decomposition is performed by naturally occurring microorganisms that utilize the organic materials for their food and energy sources.

Compost Benefits

Compost can enhance a landscape in variety of ways, and is commonly used as a high-quality mulch which is especially effective around new transplants, in the garden and flower beds, as an amendment to potted plants and on lawns, ball fields, and golf courses.

Ag Choice humus compost:

  •  Protects plants from disease
  •  Improves root growth
  •  Improves soil structure
  •  Improves drought tolerance and water retention
  •  Increases earthworm and microbial population
  •  Reduces soil compaction and crusting