Ag Choice has recycled more than 13,700 tons (27.4 million lbs) of food waste that would have been landfilled or incinerated

Ag Choice Feed Program

Feed Program

Ag Choice works with snack food manufacturers, co-pack facilities and bakeries to collect and recycle their inedible products and keep them out of overcrowded landfills. Collected materials go through a proprietary process of drying, cleaning, mixing and milling to transform the products into a high energy feed ingredient which is used to supplement feed grains and fat in livestock rations for cattle, chickens, turkey and swine.

Collected materials are NEVER directly fed to animals.

Feed Program Highlights:

  • Ag Choice will work with an existing hauler, provide collection services or place containers or van trailers on-site. Please refer to Acceptable Food Waste Chart and the How The Program Works to learn more.
  • Paper and plastic wrappers that can be hand-crumpled such as sleeves of crackers and cookies are accepted without being de‑packaged.
  • Products in single-layer cardboard such as cereal and pasta are accepted without being de-packaged.
  • Outdated or expired products can remain in boxes and/or on pallets.