Ag Choice has recycled more than 88,000 tons (176 million lbs) of food waste, from July of 2006 to July of 2017, that would otherwise have been landfilled or incinerated.


Ag Choice Food Waste FAQs


Q: What type of food can be recycled?

A: Ag Choice can accept all pre- and post-consumer food waste including dairy, meat, and seafood products.

Q: Why is it important to recycle food waste?

A: Recycling food waste is as important as recycling other household garbage like plastic, glass, cans and paper. When organic waste (food waste) is put into a landfill it biodegrades and has serious environmental consequences such as:

  • producing methane, a powerful greenhouse gas which is released into the atmosphere.
  • A liquid leachate is also produced that can pollute groundwater and watercourses, damaging the plants and animals that live there.
  • Disposing of waste via landfill is unsustainable and space is running out.

“In 2009, according to the EPA, only 2.5 percent of the food scraps generated in this country were diverted from landfills.”

Q: Can you take cafeteria, restaurant, or institution plate waste?

A: Yes. Due to our environmentally responsible practices, in 2012 the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP) modified our permit to allow Ag Choice to accept post-consumer food waste which includes cafeteria, restaurant, and plate waste.

Q: What is not acceptable as recyclable food waste?

A: Ag Choice is permitted to take all types of food waste.

Q: Do you serve individual residents or small businesses?

A: No we do not.

Q: Can I bring my food waste to you?

A: Ag Choice currently allows other waste haulers to bring us their food waste. However, we do not have a program available for private residents or small businesses at this time.

Q: Can my food waste remain in packaging such as plastic, Styrofoam, or cardboard?

A: Yes and No. There are instances when we can accept packaged food waste and provide depacking services (for an additional fee) prior to the waste being recycled.

Q: Can I have a container for food waste at my location?

A: Ag Choice can provide a free consultation for your facility to evaluate your food waste collection needs and recommend the best waste collection solution for you. This may include placing one of our containers at your location.

Q: How do I know what I can put in my container?

A: Once we begin a food waste collection program with you, Ag Choice will provide appropriate signage and training for your employees. Signage is available in English and Spanish.

Q: How often will my container be picked up?  (Only if container is available on site)

A: Container size and frequency of pick ups varies by the volume of food waste you generate.

Q: What is the collected food waste turned into?

A: The food waste we collect is blended with other organic matter, such as leaves and plant-based materials, and is transformed through composting into high quality soil amendments.