Ag Choice, LLC Meeting Environmental Challenge With Innovation – Sussex County Board of Agriculture

AG Choice, LLC Meeting Environmental Challenge With Innovation

Sussex County Board of Agriculture

As our production demands increase, so does our disruption to the delicate environmental balance we depend on. Through the creation of AG Choice, LLC Jay and Jill Fischer are addressing both sides of the coin. Their innovative business is reducing organic waste in our landfills and returning valuable organic composting products which replenish the soil.

Ag Choice, LLC owners Jay and Jill Fischer began their innovative Andover business in 2006. Since that time more than 3 million pounds of recyclable food waste and 15,000 cubic yards of other organic materials have been diverted from area landfills and composted into product. Having grown up in the area and having worked on a farm as a kid, Jay understands the need and benefit of organic composting. He and Jill partnered with Rutgers University, the DEP, and the state Department of Agriculture to create eco-friendly compost. Ag Choice Organics Recycling is the first New Jersey on-farm composting operation approved by the Department of Environmental Protection.

Ag Choice collects and composts agricultural waste, pre-consumer food waste and certain plant-based manufacturing organics. In addition to producing a consumer product that is beneficial to soil restoration, composting simultaneously reduces air and water pollution from manure that piles up on local farms, conserves valuable landfill space and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Soil restoration through the application of organic material is the other side of the food production coin. Through the use of organic materials soil is revitalized and restored in a natural way. Animal manure and bedding, spoiled hay and corn silage, bakery by products, fruit and vegetable culls, floral waste and plant-based manufacturing organics are turned into a high quality humidified compost which is then reintroduced into the environment as an organic soil amendment.

Ag Choice has been recognized by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Services, Rutgers Cooperative Research and Extension and the Sussex County Solid Waste Advisory Committee as an innovative, valuable and necessary business in New Jersey. The Sussex County Board of Agriculture joins in that recognition and congratulates Jay and Jill on their accomplishments and innovative thinking.
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